A brief look at Upline Success

Let's have a look at why an upline person might be doing well when a new person may not be doing so well.

Imagine my MLM has one million existing distributors today. If each one of these were able to find just one person a month for the next ten months to recruit, why, in less than a year we would have 11 million distributors! In the following year we would have 110 million. Let's just describe this as an "unlikely scenario", and look at a more realistic possibility: Say the one million distributors brought in just ONE new distributor each for the YEAR.

Let's assume that half of the new distributors who come in become "business builders" in that year. (After all, the recruiting systems are heavily oriented to finding new Business Builders). That's 500,000 business builders who would contribute around $AUD5,500.00 each to the company coffers in that time. WOW! That's over $AUD2.75 BILLION in revenue! And that does NOT count all the RETAIL sales that the existing one million supervisors are making! (Yippee! How can I buy shares in this company?)

In this example, each person who brought a business builder in might make between $AUD500 and $AUD600 for the year by way of commissions. If all was equal, on average, the existing 500 or so members at the top of the corporate pole might each make about $AUD385,000.00 for the year in the way of BONUSES! (This example over-simplifies an extremely complex remuneration system and ignores many of the checks and balances that exist in my MLM's remuneration plan. If this example did occur for real, I would readily bow to the computer numbers).

The point here is that not one distributor would advance to the next level of earnings for bringing in only one Business Builder for the year.

Now say the 2 million existing distributors we now have bring in just one distributor each on the same basis - just half of them business builders. This year the company will experience serious growth! From $2.75 billion to $5.5 billion! And guess what? Each distributor still gets only $500 to $600 income for the year, but what happens at the top of the pole? They now might each make $770,000 for the year from bonuses alone. Hmmm! And not one lowly distributor has advanced to the next pay level yet.

Begin to see how this marketing plan really works? 

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