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Witness a New MLM Law in the Making...

By Peter A Blood

Question: What do you do when you have an income of billions of dollars and the law looks like it might finally declare your established business as an illegal enterprise? Mend your ways and do the right thing, or just get the law changed to suit yourself?

If you're an MLM icon in the Direct Selling Association of America, you talk about it with a few friends, then get the law changed in your favour. Of course.

At one time the Direct Selling Association was a collection of door-to-door sales companies. Times have changed. Now the membership boasts some of the largest MLM companies in the world, with combined income and profits in the billions.

After battling on the legal front for 50 years or more to show that the geometric progression based recruiting scheme, when integrated with an opportunity for distributors to retail, is not a pyramid scheme, MLM has finally been brought to an understanding of itself. If distributors do not derive the majority of their income from sales of product to non-distributors, the courts have indicated, it's likely MLM will eventually be declared an illegal pyramid scheme across the board. As logic dictates it should be.

The reaction of MLM's to this threat? Spend a few million, lobby the legislature, and get the law changed so that judges are no longer able to make life so difficult.

To understand the impact of this MLM proposal, go to:

What can you do about it all? Make as many people aware of the situation as you can. Then give your local Congressman a call and let him know your thoughts.


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