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Is it possible for YOU to make great money from MLM?

Hmmm! You might have to do some soul-searching, but YES, a few do make money to one degree or another from MLM, so why not you? There are many aspects to consider, but those pointed out here are amongst the more important points. Let's see if you fit the MLM success mold.

There is one prime requisite for success in any MLM. You need to be a leader to make great money. I repeat: Only leaders make great money.

So what makes an MLM leader? An MLM leader is someone who can successfully recruit people who will also be leaders into his downline.

You should note here that "success", (i.e., great income) in MLM has very little to do with what you might be selling and everything to do with recruiting people. You can maybe make some money by retail sales you personally make, but the "great" money can only come by recruiting other leaders into your downline. (Remember, these potential leaders can only become actual leaders by recruiting other leaders for themselves).

So, where does someone find a leader to recruit? Well, street corners are littered with potential leaders, so the idea is to recruit as many people as you can by advertising as widely as you can, with the promise that recruited people can benefit from the great money that MLM people make when they are successful.

Once you have a new bunch of paid-up recruits from your advertising, you show them all what you did to get them into the business and set them on a course to copy your efforts to find other recruits. The fact that people have bought their way into their business and given you commission income in the process should no longer have any bearing on your attitude. The ones who can do what you did are on their way to becoming leaders with your support. Those who can't are relegated to the sidelines in your business strategy. Only winners are worth your time. Only the winners can make you a leader by becoming leaders themselves.

The sad part is that all too often the reason some win and some don't is that there simply aren't enough potential recruits to go around. How can this be?

    1. Every person you recruit is one more person who is sharing in the available pool of other potential recruits. By signing people up, you are actually recruiting your own competition. If you are fortunate in your business, the number of people in your downline group can grow quickly - until it gets to the point where your new people begin to realise that their advertising is not bringing them the results they have been brought to expect. Some begin to drop out of the business, others back off and do nothing more. Do not be concerned.

    2. If you belong to a large MLM, you are only one of many at your level who are trying to do exactly what you want to do - recruit many others. As competition for advertising space heats up, literally dozens of ads for the same MLM may be seen in many major newspapers and periodicals throughout the country. The internet floods with spam. One result of this is often confusion and non-action on the part of many readers who might otherwise be potential recruits. Those potential recruits who do reply, often reply to several ads in an effort to compare opportunities. When they find the same opportunity is being offered by all the advertisers it comes down to them making a choice based on the personality of the person recruiting them. It's a bit like a lottery. Do not be concerned.

    3. Whatever the size of your recruiting market when you begin, the moment you recruit someone of equal capability to yourself, you effectively halve your available market. Recruit ten people and you have a tenth of the available market. And so it goes on. The math will not be denied. As geometric downline growth occurs, the majority of people who are recruited must "fail" because of the sheer competition the numbers represent. And the numbers get worse as your group gets larger. Do not be concerned.

With all this in mind, NOW is the time to sort the sheep from the goats.

There are no guarantees here, but those people who INCREASE their advertising efforts will tend to rise to the top of the results tree. In this super-competitive environment, the victor is the person who can best explain his opportunity and system to the new recruit and who can spend the most time, effort and money to promote his opportunity. The losers are often the very people you are relying on to become leaders - members of your own group. Perhaps they haven't the money, the personality, the determination or the time to compete on an equal footing with you and others. Don't be concerned, because their loss means little to you when you understand that you are making money whilst constantly replacing these people with new recruits somewhere in your downline.

From all of this, your aim is to find maybe half-a-dozen high achievers like you who can "take the heat" and duplicate what you are doing. These people will be in your "first line". Once you have them in place, your efforts should then be directed towards helping them find their half-a-dozen high achievers in their first line. And in the process, you have become a leader. It must not bother you that many have been churned through the system, made you money, found to be wanting and then discarded.

Be astute...

To assist in the process, at no time should you explain to your new recruits that they are in fact buying into an opportunity that puts them into direct competition with you and everyone else in your existing downline, (not to mention everyone else in your MLM). If they are ignorant of this you may well be able to persuade them to spend their money and buy into the business. You'll also be on your way to achieving your goal of a great "residual" income. Just put aside the fact that you and your existing downline will do your best to put these new people out of business by the competition you and they provide in the marketplace.

The survivors will get the money - and may the best man win!

In the end, the way to succeed is to STAY IN THE GAME, whatever the cost, and don't tell anyone anything that might cause them to lose confidence in the guidance or mentorship you offer to your downline. Remember, YOU are now a LEADER! Listen to your upline and you will hear the arguments you must use when you are confronted with awkward questions from your downline and others. (Those who ask awkward questions will never be leaders anyway, so learn early how to treat them with total disregard and contempt for their intelligence. After all, the system WORKS because there are successful people in it! Look at ME!)

Naturally, the situation demands that many people will drop out. They will "fail", and you must propogate the thought that they failed because they were inadequate to the task. From those that remain, a new leader or two is born. The drop-outs will blame their failure on a multitude of problems, but most really won't be quite sure about why they failed. They'll just know that things didn't work out for them as they would have liked.

Most of these people will also not like the thought of being recognised as a failure. To refund their product would be to admit their failure publicly. For this and other reasons, many don't refund. Your income growth is reasonably assured.

All you have to do is make sure you keep going - your mantra is: NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!! For those softies who might care a little about the welfare of others, perhaps your mantra should also include a reference to your conscience. Something like:

"Don't think about it, just NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!"

And you might make your way through the system to make great money. It DOES happen!


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