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There are those who will deny the shades of gray are the same because their eyes tell them the claim just doesn't make sense. They may never be convinced. Perhaps not even with logical proof.


There are those who will accept that the shades of gray could be the same, perhaps because they have been told this by someone whom they consider to be credible in this regard.


There are those who will look for the "trick". Of course the shades aren't the same. Maybe it's all tied up in RGB vs CMYK values or something of the sort... 

It takes all kinds of people, with all kinds of thoughts. One thing is for sure; from an individual's well reasoned (or unreasoned) opinion will spring that individual’s belief. The power of belief is well documented. Some people will justify any action, from charitable acts right through to the commission of any crime, including violent terrorism, in the name of their belief. It’s the nature of the human beast.


The shades of gray in the two nominated squares are exactly the same. (The colour in both squares has an hexidecimal value of # 6B6B6B).

You may disagree, but your opinion (or belief), can't stand up against an unarguable fact. Check it out yourself with Photoshop or a like program. Or get the Colorzilla Add-On for Firefox and read it directly in your browser. Or have a look at this video.


Like all illusions, the MLM marketing strategy has its believers and non-believers. Believers are unarguably driven to manipulate facts to create and perpetuate the MLM illusion. Non-believers understand the illusion and avoid it. Those who aren't sure get sucked in and, like Hitler's followers, do what they are told.


The reality is, until we all learn how to properly question and justify opinion and belief with facts, our societies will remain a fallow ground for MLM companies and recruiters to continue working what has likely become the greatest financial income illusion of all time.





Multilevel Marketing (MLM) uniquely defines itself through its use of geometric progression based member (distributor) recruiting schemes (as do Chain Letters).


A geometric progression based recruiting scheme allows each member (distributor) to recruit unlimited numbers of new members (distributors). Geometric progressions are incomprehensible to most. Very few truly understand how they work and what ramifications can be expected from their application. Professor Al Bartlett is one of the few.


Unlimited recruitment allows the illusion of unlimited potential wealth for all who join, whereas its intended purpose is to rapidly create unlimited competition for each member and chaotic market conditions, including:


Market Saturation and...

Advertising Saturation and...

The ultimate failure of the majority of distributors


The faster the growth, the more chaotic the market conditions.


Irrespective of the type or value of any product(s) offerered, no credible business integrity may be attached to any MLM or network marketing company or distributor because of the unavoidable, and highly inimical effects of the geometric progression recruiting system used by MLM.


Either those involved are naive or they are motivated by a deliberate desire to make money from the inherently planned, and ultimately inevitable, failure of the over-whelming majority of those who might be attracted to their multilevel marketing so-called businesses.

One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.


Pudd'nhead Wilson (Mark Twain).

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A & B can't be the same shade, can they?


ILLUSIONS depend on knowledge - or lack of knowledge - for their effects to be felt. It is quite normal with the checker board below, that your brain will refuse to accept the claim that square "A" is exactly the same shade of gray as square "B".